Bali Taksu

June 23 -July 3, 2018



Michael Chekhov

Grotowski & Fitmaurice


Michael Chekhov

Many of the ensemble exercises are influenced by the work of Michael Chekhov who developed his techniques out of Buddhism and the philosophic spiritual practices of the East. Lead by Aole T. Miller (Budi)



Grotowski & Fitzmaurice

Jerzy Grotowski and Catherine Fitzmaurice Voicework are combined in this workshop, offering performing artists a safe environment where they can tap into parts of themselves that they haven't yet dared to release because they are afraid that they might be foolish, boring, stereotypical, ugly, embarrassing, offensive, or even worse, absolutely brilliant. It's about releasing the parts of the artist that is continually held back when performing.


The release breath work of Fitzmaurice Voicework is influenced by the work of Alexander Lowen's Bioenergetic Tremors, yoga stretches, and shiatzu. It is in the combination of these physical release postures where actors are introduced to the energy of breath. They will begin to experience the power of a free torso while discovering the different passageways of breath throughout the body.


Participants will be guided through a moment-to-moment flow of consciousness where actors surrender to their images and inner voices. By channeling and fully engaging with their inner landscape, by giving it a body and a voice, actors begin to tap into powerful impulses that they have not yet harnessed in their acting.

Lead by Micha Espinosa & Aole T. Miller (Budi)






Delve deeper into your physical awareness while rediscovering your uninhibited and innate playfulness. Understand the actor's imagination and the 'energy' it creates and experience the simple pleasure and ferocious generosity of performance. Clowning is about finding a unique character within, which delights in the laughter, chaos and lunacy of being human. Clowning will ignite your spirit whilst at the same time emphasize the importance of a generous stage presence and a rich humanity. We will pursue the clown together in all of its messy and hilarious beauty. Your relationship to all other forms of drama will be enriched by the openness and reckless abandon that the clown requires. Receive your clown name. Lead by Aole T. Miller (Budi)


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