Testimonials from Students


" I had lived my life in the darkness of my past, slain by the bondage of self,here in Bali with a group of incredible humans from all walks of life and in the safest hands of Aole and Micha, I remembered how to belly laugh, how it felt to dance (really dance!) like no one was watching,to play without comparison, to sing without judgment, to fall flat on my face and be vulnerable enough to let people into that space, to tap into the divine source of endless energy and power available to everyone when they are ready to pause, be still and seek it out, or perhaps it seeks you out when you are ready. If this experience Bali Taksu - the power of clown is calling your name then go forth, be brave and God bless you. "

Stephanie Pick


(Sydney Australia)


“Experiencing Bali Taksu: Power of Clown was like stepping into a whole new world of possibilities. The workshop taught me how to release my artistic inhibitions, trust my bodily instincts, and to simply be. The rigorous program conducted by world-class instructors was a conditioning of the mind, body and spirit. There was also a constantly safe and supportive environment that allowed so many of us to make breakthroughs in the work that carried on post-workshop. Overall, attendingthis course was one of the best choices I have made in my artistic journey. “

Melissa Gan




" I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to transform and I am so excited to take what I have learned into my next projects. What I have learned exists so deep in me now that I can’t imagine going back to an old way of existing as an artist. I am forever grateful for the awakening that I have experienced. My inner artist is alive again and I don’t ever want him to go to sleep again."

Adriano Cabral

Assistant Professor of Theatre



“The training you receive is FAR superior to any that I have experienced before!Clown, Mask, Dance, Voice, Movement, and Kecak are just a few of the things you will get to train while in Bali! On top of the fantastic training, you get to be in a tropical wonderland in the middle of a monkey forest, the staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and the food is absolutely amazing! I strongly urge you, if the opportunity arises, to go on this trip and you will not regret a second of it!”

Kevin Wathey




“I have forever changed because of Bali Taksu. This kind of inspiration creates an openness and willingness to be as honest as you need to be with yourself in order to grow.”

Natasha Waisfeld


(New York)

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